Chocolate, Orange & Cointreau Truffles

I was having a browse through my recent posts and it seems I’ve been on an almond rampage lately. So for a little variety I’ve made the primary ingredient in this dish cashew (to be honest, it wasn’t intentional though – just fortunate). I threw these truffles together the other night because I had an ‘excursion’ for work the next day and knew I would need some power food. Anyway, there are heaps of vegan, nut-based truffles out there in the foodie world. So I thought I would add to them with one of my favourite flavour combinations; Chocolate and Orange.

I love that these look decadent although they are probably the easiest cute dessert to whip together. Even better is that they are made from nutritious ingredients, such as the hidden quinoa puffs. Can you spy one of the quinoa puffs in the photo?

Are there any birthdays or special celebrations coming up? You should double the recipe, because these make a beautiful gift.

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