Amaranth Poori Crusted With Sweet Hazelnut Dukkah

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post, Snowy’s confidence is pretty high right now:)

Do you remember the Almond Dukkah recipe from a few posts ago? Well here’s a sweet Dukkah version that makes me very happy.

You can enjoy this Dukkah however your heart desires. Sprinkle it over your breakfast, yoghurt, muffins while they bake, anything.

I’ve mixed up cuisines here with Egyptian Dukkah and Indian Poori’s, but wheres the harm in that? There is a little story behind these poori’s. My partner’s friend from Singapore came to visit Australia with his mother. And on his tour ‘down under’ he and his mother so kindly offered to give myself and my family a master class in Indian cuisine. We were having chicken masala, black dahl, raita and poori.

Everything was absolutely delicious but what fascinated me most was the simplicity of the poori (and the pronunciation, which I couldn’t master). This is where my inspiration for the Amaranth Poori stems from. I threw these together very quickly and they worked a treat. I used to get a bit scared at any recipe that told me to knead and roll dough but these amaranth poori’s are really simple to make, I promise.

I enjoyed mine by coating the end of the amaranth poori lightly in maple syrup and then coating it in the Dukkah.

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