Middle Eastern Pizza with a Minted Tahini Sauce

I’ve never been a big pizza lover.

But, I do remember when I was in high school we would often have ‘pizza night’. On pizza night we would cut up a bucket load of vegies, cheeses, olives etc, and anyone who happened to be at home would lather their pizza in their choice of toppings. And when I say lather, I mean lather. It was more of a “do you want some pizza base with those toppings?”, rather than the other way around.

So the other day when Brendan and I decided it was time for a pizza night, I didn’t hold back and piled on the toppings. Brendan was a bit more reserved. I stole some of his pizza. And you know what? I think I enjoyed being able to taste his pizza base…Good thing too, otherwise the delicious taste of the spelt flour base would have been lost to me.

Spelt flour is my ‘go to’ flour. To me, it is less challenging working with spelt than a gluten-free flour like rice flour or buckwheat flour. You can usually substitute spelt in place of wheat flour in recipes with some minor adjustments to amounts, usually 1 – 2 TBSP less spelt than wheat flour (but as spelt is less refined, the density and absorbency of the spelt flour will vary from batch to batch). Sometimes you may not get the same results with spelt, since it’s gluten is more ‘delicate’, meaning it may not rise as well in breads and cakes. But what’s great about spelt is it’s less refined than wheat flour, so it retains more nutrients. And I love the slightly nutty flavour of spelt. It’s a win-win-win situation really.

Anyway, Brendan and I have been speaking for a while about how we need to recreate our spelt pizza. So as expected, my mind began to wonder on all of the different variations. I love Middle Eastern inspired flavours. So I decided to create a vegan pizza inspired by Middle Eastern Lamb pizza.

I would give you a slice if I could. Promise. I wish you could smell the amazing aromas of the Middle East as I pulled this pizza out of the oven. You’ll have to make one for yourself to experience for yourself :)

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23 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Pizza with a Minted Tahini Sauce

  1. this is perfect for me …thank you so much for the inspiration
    I am making this with crumbled falafel and top it with tahini,
    I think it will be great.

  2. Alissa, I almost cried with happiness when I saw this recipe. I can’t even remember the last time I had pizza. I watch my family eating their gooey cheesy wheaty meaty pizza and feel a sense of yearning.
    Well, no longer as I can now dig in with gusto!! Thanks so much for sharing. I know exactly what I am eating to celebrate my one year vege-versary on Saturday :)

  3. Absolutely delish looking pizza! Loving the topping, it reminds me of a cross between dukkah and zaatar 😀 I also love that you’re a fan of spelt flour, it’s my go-to flour too – I adore how tasty, nutritious and easily digestable it is!

    • Hi Parvathy. Try replacing the mushrooms with walnuts, as they’re also a good substitute for meat. It will change the texture slightly though (sorry about the slow response, hope you give it a go).

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