Pistachio & Orange Infused M’Hanncha

I have always had a fascination with food from other cultures. I guess I love when there is a story behind a particular dish or that a recipe has been passed down through a family. Mediterranean cuisine is one of my absolute favourites.

So the other night Jamie Oliver’s “Food Escapes” was on and he was traveling through Morocco. I initially got an incredible feeling of jealousy, wishing that I could be in Morocco walking through their amazing markets and eating the local street food. Then I was intrigued. Then I was inspired. Then I wanted to make everything he had just spoken about. Too bad if I didn’t have a tagine, I would make do.

During the episode Jamie made an amazing looking dessert that reminds me very much of Baklava, called M’Hanncha. Now, I love Baklava, mum would make a huge tray of Baklava every now and then. But the M’hanncha looked wonderful. Beautifully presented, and the perfect contradiction of smooth ‘almond paste’ and crunchy filo pastry. I guess you could call this the Moroccan version of Baklava… Or maybe Baklava is the Greek version of M’hanncha…?

I’ve altered Jamie’s recipe a lot but his video on how to make the cake is fantastic! Have a quick look and you will know the process of making M’hannchas in a pinch. I don’t know about you but I love watching Jamie cook, he is so passionate and excitable. Skip the video to the 3 minute mark for the M’hanncha recipe.

YouTube Preview Image

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12 thoughts on “Pistachio & Orange Infused M’Hanncha

  1. I too saw this recipe and loved how it looked, havnt attempted it yet but have to say your version looks just beautiful! You are a very talented cook indeed :) inspired me to just go for it and try out this pretty looking scrumminess myself :)

  2. Just gorgeous. We were in Morocco earlier this year- we ate well- particularly tagines and pastilla- sweet and savoury pies- but never found any treats as good as this. I’m so glad I found your blog!

  3. “Thanks’ for thoughtfully displaying the recipe in white print on a pale apricot
    background. Took nearly as long to read it as it did to bake it. Oh, and just as
    thoughtful of you to disallow the ‘copying’ function on my computer.

  4. This looks so pretty and delicious, I’ve never made a dessert with pistachios, but they are my hubbies favorite and Jamie’s instructions, plus your ingredients are inspiring.

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