Cayenne Roasted Cashews


Earlier this year I posted my Cashew Banana Muffins recipe. As the recipe’s post title suggests, those muffins used to be my favourite morning snack. But as I learn more and more about consuming a plant-based diet (did I mention I’m half-way … Continue reading 

Cashew & Banana Muffins (My Favourite)


So for the next 3 weeks I’m on a low FODMAP diet (Wikipedia can tell you what FODMAPs are). Why? Because for years I’ve had troubles with my tummy. Loving food whilst having a stomach that sometimes doesn’t isn’t too nice. … Continue reading 

Raw Pear Tart with Vanilla Cream


Guess what!! My boyfriend and I leave for Europe tomorrow morning on a 5 week holiday. I’m so excited to experience the culture and try all the amazing food. But most of all, I am excited to try gnocchi in … Continue reading 

Blueberry and Cucumber Crumble with Vanilla Sauce

EDITBlueberry and Cucumber Crumble with Vanilla Sauce_birdseye2

Who doesn’t love something that can either be classified as a breakfast or dessert? I know I do! Brendan and I stopped eating bread and cereal for breakfast a while ago. Now we start most of our mornings with a … Continue reading